Vietnam Holiday Packages

Bookrumz travel offers you customized Vietnam holiday packages online at many affordable prices. Our Vietnam holiday packages are based on a minimum of 03 star plus category hotels. It is an all-around tourist destination for world travelers and has many cities to travel.

Vietnam, a country Situated in the southern portion of Eastern Asia is known for its tranquil and tranquil environ. After haunted from the bloodshed and strife of Vietnam War, now, the roads of the nation are buzzing with youthful energy, mopeds zooming through the streets, floating markets and paddy areas adding to its entire charms. Oozing overwhelming all-natural beauty and rich heritage, the nation takes you on a trip of historical architecture and its own vibrant culture.

Ho Chi Minh City

These days, it’s the greatest city of the nation and provides a rich mix of historical and modern attractions to your people. Ho Chi Minh is popularly known for its occurring nightlife, sleek skyscrapers and gorgeous shape. An perfect thing to do in Ho Chi Minh would be to maintain one of the skies bars and respect the very best view of the city through the night. Ha Long Bay is Most Likely the identifier of Vietnam. Amidst the bustles of Hanoi, an individual can locate a soulful and eclectic combination of history and modernity. Expect to experience unusual tranquillity from the Temple of Literature, serenity of soul and mind at One Pillar Pagoda, and a cure to taste buds in the French patisseries.


Hanoi is similar to an open-air tradition of historical French and Asian colonial design which has remained intact despite the acute bombings throughout the Vietnam War. The place is largely agriculture based with lovely Red River dominating the Northern area of the nation bisecting the city of Hanoi together with Chay and Lo Rivers. The nation is adorned with green scenic locations and lovely Sapa Valley in north west whilst around the east of Hanoi places Halong Bay sporting over 3000 gorgeous all-natural formation of limestone islands projecting from the South China Sea. The south portion of Vietnam includes Mekong River and abundant plain which grows rubber, rice, tea and coffee.

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Tourist Places in Vietnam

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