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Bookrumz travel offers you customized Bhutan holiday packages online at many affordable prices. Our Bhutan holiday packages are based on a minimum of 03 star plus category hotels.

Bhutan is the place where there are convention, culture, and excellence. This is one of only a handful couple of spots on the planet to appreciate an isolation excursion for restoration. The virgin idea of this land is immaculate by commercialization.

Bhutan is popular for its colorful scene, Buddhist social spots, Spectacular Mountain and the new nature. Each sort of voyagers from nature sweethearts to travelers, love this spot and consider this as an imperative escape spot.

Taktsang religious community is renowned for its view, area and reflection. Situated on the highest point of a high bluff made of stone, this is one of the holiest spots in the nation. It is additionally called the Tiger’s Nest of Paro. The religious community roosted on an edge of the slope and you can recognize the Paro valley and the stream from the cloister. The religious community is said to exist since the eighth century. Master Padma Sambhava, a religious chief ruminated in this spot and which later turned into the spot for this cloister. This religious community is acclaimed among the individuals who love to appreciate reflection, investigation, characteristic touring, trekking and significantly more.


Thimphu is a social spot of Bhutan. This is the capital of the nation, situated on the laps of Himalayas. The view from this spot is astounding. This is the main city on the planet to have zero traffic lights. The city has kept up to keep its connection with the way of life and convention of the land. You can discover numerous new and old structures in Bhutanese style. Top structures to spot

Tourist Places in Bhutan

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