Tourist Visa for Spain

Spain, the dominion of Kingdom of Spain could be a country largely settled on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. Its territory additionally includes 2 archipelagoes: the Canaries off the coast of Africa, and therefore the Balearic Islands within the sea.

The African enclaves of Ceuta Associate in Nursingd Melilla build Kingdom of Spain the sole country to own a physical border with an country (Morocco). many little islands within the Albian Oceanic are also part of Spanish region. So the country’s terra firma is bordered to the south and east by the sea apart from atiny low land boundary with Gibraltar; to the north and northeast by France, Andorra, and therefore the Bay of Biscay.

Spain Visa

With a vicinity of 505,990 km2 (195,360 sq mi), Kingdom of Spain is that the largest country in Southern Europe, the second largest country in Western Europe and therefore the international organisation, and the fourth largest country in the European continent. By population, Kingdom of Spain is that the sixth largest in Europe and therefore the fifth within the international organisation.

Iberian cultures at the side of ancient Phoenician, Greek, Celtic. And Carthaginian settlements develop on the dry land till it came beneath Roman rule. Around two hundred BCE, when that the region named Hispania, supported the sooner Phoenician name Sp(a)n or Spania.

Eventually, the Visigoths would forcibly integrate all remaining freelance territories within the dry land. As well as Byzantine provinces, into the dominion of Toledo, that a lot of or less unify politically. Ecclesiastically and legally all the previous Roman provinces or successor kingdoms of what was then document as Hispania.

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Documents Checklist for Spain Visa (Tourist)

S.NO. Documents Description Yes No
1. Forms:

Application Form:

1.) Either filled with blue pen or printed online

2.) Must bear original signatures of the applicant on the       application form

3.) Two Photocopies of the duly filled application form.


  1. The checklist must be printed on back to back format only.
b) Authorisation Forms
c) Declaration Forms


1.) 3 recent photographs; Size:  4.5cm * 3.5cm

2.) 80% focus on face & ears should be visible.

3.) Not more than 6 months old

4.) With white background.


Cover Letter From the Applicant:

1.) Purpose of travel

2.) Dates of travel

3.) All Cover Letters must include details of any other accompanying persons as well. This includes family members, friends or business associates travelling for the same purpose.

4. NOC from the company
5. Travel Ticket.

Travel Insurance:

1.) Issued by insurance company as per the EU guidelines.

2.) Valid for at least 15 days from the date of return to India.

3.) Minimum coverage of 30000, Euros or 50000 $

4.) Sworn declaration for travel insurance signed by the applicant.

7.  So proper hotel booking for travel.
8. Salary Slips for at least six months.
9. So One year or at least six months personal bank statements with original signed and stamp of the bank ( online bank statement are not acceptable)
10. Pan card copy if available.
11. Income tax returns (ITR-V) for last three years.


1.) Valid at least 3 months beyond the stay in Spain with two blank pages.

2.) Not older 10 Years when applying for a visa.

3.) With at least 2 blank pages.

4.) Photocopies of all the pages of the current passport (including blank pages) Old passport (if any).

Mandatory additional documents required for Honeymoon purpose.

a.) Photograph and wedding card from both side

b.)  1 year or at least six months personal bank statement with original signed and stamp of the bank (online bank statement are not acceptable). (Both the parent’s).

c.) Last 03 years Income Tax returns (ITR). (Both are parent’s)

d.) Pan card copy if available.

e.) Last 03 years Income Tax Return (ITR).

f.) Personal 1 year or at least six months personal bank statement with original signed and stamp of the bank (online bank statement are not acceptable).

g.) So personal last 03 years’s ITR.


For minor Applicants:

(In all below cases notarized NOC and notarized self-attested parents(s) ID copy having signature are mandatory)

  •  So if the minor is travelling with either of the parent, No Objection Certificate (NOC) on affidavit and ID copy are required from the other parent.
  •  If the minor is travelling with another person who is not the biological parent, then parents , then parents have to provide NOC on affidavit and ID copy.
  • In case parent(s) are travelling but not applying for visa at same time or have valid Schengen visa then NOC on affidavit and parents ID copy are required from parent(s) not applying the visa.
  • Financial documents of parents.
  • Application Form, Sworn declaration, Authorization letter, checklist in favour of BLS International signed by BOTH parents. (With blue pan)
  • Minor applicants below 12 years are exempted from biometrics.

For Student:

● NOC from School or College along with ID card copy.



Adult Fees:   4804

Children between 6-12 Years:    2802

Children Below 6:    Exempt

Processing Time:      15 Working Days