Work from home jobs with Bookrumz travel can get you a monthly income of minimum 30,000/- per month. You are wondering how?

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Bookrumz gives you a golden opportunity to work from home jobs and earn cash online while working from home or part time working without leaving your job. Just give reference of Holiday Travelers, Passport Assistance, Visa Applications, Hotel Booking to us & you will get referral income and bonus, amount in your bank account. Earn 30,000/- per month just working online without paying any fee.

Just send an email to to join our work from home jobs program and start referring travelers to bookrumz travel. If the reference traveler is traveling within India, you will earn INR 500 PP in your account and if the reference traveler is traveling international you will get INR 1000 PP in your bank account. If you give the reference of Visa/Passport you will earn INR 150/per person for that reference.

No worries if your reference do not travel with us, you still will earn INR 100/- for that query. But only upto 30 queries in 90 days i.e. maximum INR 3000/- will be credited to your bank account for these queries which you have given to Bookrumz Travel. This INR 3000/- will be credited only when you will confirm at least 01 international package through us.

Below is the calculation of what you get for the reference.
10 unconfirmed traveler: INR 1000
20 confirmed traveler for India Holiday Packages: INR 10,000/-
20 confirmed traveler for International Holiday Packages: INR 20,000/-
20 Visa Applications: INR 3000
20 Passport Applications: INR 3000

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