USA Visa Documents Checklist | B1 Visa for Indians | B2 Visa for Indians | Tourist visa for USA

Indian passport holder with validity of more than six months can only apply for visa for USA with correct & complete USA visa documents checklist as per below:

  • DS-160 form, duly filled by applicant.
  • 1 Recent, colour photograph (size 50mm by 50mm) with white background.
  • Covering letter addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy Of United States Of America from the applicant on company letterhead if applying for B1 Visa for visiting business purpose, stating his name, designation, purpose and duration of visit.
  • If applying for B2 Visa and applicant is working then cover letter should be on plain paper. The cover letter should mention the clear purpose of visit and the details of your itinerary day wise.
  • Hotel Confirmation number with the names of leading applicant on the hotel voucher.
  • One point of contact either family member or friend in USA
  • Original Updated Bank Statement for the last 6 months with sufficient balance Rs.3-4 lac per person.
  • Income Tax paper for the last 3 years.
  • Round trip flight ticket (if you have) & any internal flight reservation if travelling between different cities of USA for B2 Visa.
  • Your past education details, work experience & details of your previous department head (if applicable)
  • For first time travellers please see Note underneath.


First Time travellers require following additional Documents:- Brief Company Profile; Proof of occupation; Income tax Papers, Company Balance Sheet, Bank Statement of Company for the last 6 months; Proof of Financial solvency; Fixed Deposits/ Investments/ Property Papers etc.

If Employed: –

a.) Copy of Appointment letter.

b.) Salary Certificate or Salary slip of last 6 months

c.) NOC Letter & Leave certificate from the Employer.

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