Kai Bae Beach is arranged towards the south of Klong Prao Beach and flaunts practically 2.5-kilometer stretch of sandy sea shore. In spite of the fact that, contrasting with Kai Bae Beach and Klong Prao Beach, the fundamental street here is much smaller, making it a significant strategic walk openly without agonizing over the approaching traffic, the sea shore offers incredible perspectives on Koh Chang’s neighboring islands, for example, Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai, the last can be come to by foot during low tide.

Contrasted with White Sand and Klong Prao sea shores, Kai Bae Beach might be less engaging, however the way that it’s a great blend between the accommodation and touristiness of the White Sand Beach and a serenity and freedom of Lonely Beach, Kai Bae still pulls in a decent amount of the guests. The sea shore is a short good ways from the principle street.

A significant part of the sea shore stretch has covered by obscure overhanging palm trees, making it an incredible spot to relax and maybe have a little outing. Sun admirers are likewise in for an incredible tan as there’s a lot of open space where you can absorb the tropical sun while becoming mixed up in a decent book, or even better, a de-focusing by walking rub!

Offices in Kai Bae Beach

Resorts and inns along Kai Bae Beach. As the greater part of different sea shores on Koh Chang. Furnishes beachgoers with essential offices like bathrooms. Folding seats, towels, loungers, swings just as some game gear like football, volleyball and Frisbee. While these things are typically gratis. Others are not, and require little charges. A plenitude of beachside rub cabins offering customary Thai and foot back rubs can likewise be found here. In case you’re eager, there are numerous eateries and bistros arranged close by the sea shore. Where brisk beverages and light suppers have served throughout the day.

Sea shore Vendors

Koh Chang-redid gifts like T-shirts, keychains. And a combination of knickknacks like gem embellishments are the typical products sea shore sellers are wanting to make some baht out of. Odds are you will likewise locate a similar kind of stuff marked down in shops along the principle street. Cautioned that these sea shore dealers will barbarously approach anybody in sight.

In case you’re not keen on purchasing their products, basically and obligingly state ‘no, thank you’ – and with a grin! Lamentably (or luckily – relying upon how hungry you are!) there is no nourishment peddlers meandering the sea shore. Nourishment and beverages must had from the ocean side eateries and bistros.

What to eat in Kai Bae Beach

Since there’s no nourishment merchants around. Eateries and bistros along the sea shore appear to be the main wellspring. Of nourishment and beverages on Kai Bae Beach. Except if you especially need to have road nourishment, eating from close by eateries is most likely your best alternative. Be that as it may, a ton of roadside diners and nourishment slows down can be found flanking the primary street.

Not exclusively do these eating spots give delectable nourishment, they additionally for the most part exceptionally modest. Basic sandwiches and bites can without much of a stretch be made. By getting fixings from the sea shore’s. Numerous grocery stores selling both nearby and imported staple.

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