Aspendos Roman Theater Turkey

Aspendos Roman Theater Turkey Aspendos Roman Theater is a delightfully safeguard Ancient Roman site in Turkey. Truth be told, it is by all accounts totally flawless. Still ready to seat up to 15,000 individuals this Roman amphitheater was once part of the city of Aspendos. Which was establish by Ancient Greeks from Argos and was […]

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Anzac Cove Turkey

Anzac Cove Turkey Activity Anzac Cove in Turkey’s Gallipoli Peninsula was where Australian and New Zealander troops arrived on 25 April 1915. The Anzac Cove arrivals were a piece of the Gallipoli Campaign. An exertion by the Commonwealth and by the French to expel Turkey from World War I. Indeed, the troops intended to arrive […]

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Blue Mosque Turkey

Blue Mosque Turkey The Blue Mosque was the aggressive making of a youthful sultan and would wind up one of Istanbul’s most famous locales. Started in 1606, the Blue Mosque really called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii) after the ruler who authorized it, Sultan Ahmet I. At that point not yet twenty years old, […]

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Troy Activities in Turkey

Troy Activities in Turkey Troy or “Truva” is one of the most popular and truly huge destinations on the planet. Situated in cutting edge Turkey, the site denotes the gathering spot of Anatolia, the Aegean and the Balkans, making it a crucially significant wellspring of data about the memorable connections between these districts. Instilled with […]

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Hagia Sophia Turkey Activity

Hagia Sophia Turkey Activity The Hagia Sophia, or ‘Ayasofya’ in Turkish. A world celebrated 6th century church turned mosque in Istanbul, which currently works as an exhibition hall. While the first Hagia Sofia has worked in the fourth century AD by Constantine the Great. Almost no remaining parts of this structure nor the one worked […]

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