Blue Mosque Turkey

blue mosque turkey

The Blue Mosque was the aggressive making of a youthful sultan and would wind up one of Istanbul’s most famous locales. Started in 1606, the Blue Mosque really called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii) after the ruler who authorized it, Sultan Ahmet I.

At that point not yet twenty years old, Ahmet I resolved to assemble a mosque to equal the Hagia Sofia. He intensely included himself in the development of the Blue Mosque. To the degree that he really executed the main engineer at work. And even said to have taken an interest in the manufacture itself.

When it was at long last finish in 1616, the Blue Mosque was in fact a commendable. Neighbour of the Hagia Sofia. With its chain of command of progressively enormous vaults, this immense complex characterized the city’s horizon and, with its six minarets, it caused a prompt mix – not least in light of the fact that the main other mosque with this number at the time was the Kaaba in Mecca. Blue Mosque Turkey

The inside of the Blue Mosque is similarly as fantastic and resplendent. Moreover, an adventure into the inside of the Blue Mosque uncovers the purpose for its substitute name. The swathes of blue tiles which decorate its dividers.

So Ahmet I would live to see his amazing plan become, yet just barely. He passed on only a year after the Blue Mosque has opened and is currently cover adjacent with his family.

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